• From thin air to Plein Air: strong branding draws a crowd

    Got a great idea but not a lot of time? Late last summer one of our long-term clients came to us with a tall order and short deadline. The Seaside Institute, a non-profit organization that promotes new urbanism, was interested in sponsoring a Plein Air painting festival as a fundraiser. (“Plein Air,” BTW means outdoors, for those of us who can’t remember our high school French…sorry, Madame Dulaine!) Electronic Ink created a logo to brand the overall festival as well as targeted posters and postcards to promote the program in Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Santa Rosa, and...

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    Takoma Park Recreation Department (TPRD) streamlines newsletter, improves results

    Takoma Park Recreation Department (TPRD) had been preparing quarterly editions of its Activity Guide in-house. The Department needed a polished and lively publication that conveyed a lot of detailed information in an attractive format that was easy to use. It was a big job. The folks at TPRD knew what they wanted, but they didn’t have the time or resources to match their vision. That’s where Electronic Ink came in. We’re pleased that they liked our prototype enough to award us a three-year contract. Click to see before and after PDF versions of the publication, or compare the covers to the...

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